Classes & Workshops


"We spent the day with Celia on her “pimp your home” course and could not recommend it enough. She helped us to re-design our bathroom and make the absolute most of the small space that we had - not only fitting in everything we wanted but adding space for storage too! She took into account our preferences, came up with suggestions but was also honest with things that she did not think would work – something that we really needed, considering it was the first time we had done anything like this.  Cannot thank her enough. "

Emily & Sam October 2017

"I'm an Art Teacher who wanted to learn more about interior design for my teaching practice and also for my home. After a couple of sessions, we embarked on a project to design a living room. I learned about layout, flooring, colour, lighting, technical drawing and much more. Celia has a wealth of professional experience to share and tailored each session to our needs. I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere too! "

Becky M August 30th 2017

"I really enjoyed the session with Celia and got loads out of it. Sitting at a drawing board with someone who has been designing interiors for yearsis a very different thing from doing it at home. I left with a design that has really informed our thinking as to how we remodel the kitchen and dining rooms. And she even followed up with another drawing after the session to give another layout option.

_ Jo C August 24th 2017

 "From attending a series of pimpyourhome workshops I gained a wealth of practical knowledge, understanding and a broad grounding of interior design skills including the design process, analysis and concept, how to draw and use scaled drawings, colour theory, the role of lighting and electrical layout plans. I have now not only got the confidence and vocabulary to go  beyond the traditional 'high street' to specialist retailers but also a greater understanding of my personal preferences and a much more critical eye.  Under Celia's expert guidance, I've planned my home redesign to a level I would never have been able to achieve solo so highly recommending her workshops. It's an affordable way of achieving high end well planned interiors."

Clare L on August 15th 2017.

Interior Design Projects

Piers Aggett
Project Date: May 2016
Project Price: £10,000 – £49,999!

Celia refurbished my whole flat.  It had been poorly done before and needed a lot of work to turn it into something nice...... it's turned out to be more beautiful than l could have imagined!  

It was wonderful to work with such a creative individual. Celia was someone I could trust and with whom I would definitely work again. Everything was perfect, from staircase design, kitchen design, colour scheme, right down to the radiators... Everything made sense. It was collaborative too - she listened, she worked with us and allowed us to be a part of it. Great communication and the choice of contractors were brilliant particularly.

Cannot recommend Celia highly enough!

Mrs J Rubens
Project Date: May 2014
Project Price: £10,000 – £49,999
I instructed Celia James on the recommendation of another interior designer. The project was to decorate the hall, stairs and landings, and the master bedroom, of a three storey Victorian terrace. Her brief was a challenge due to budget constraints, and the need to incorporate certain pieces which I wanted to keep, including lots of artwork. In addition, there was the difficulty of creating sufficient wardrobe space for two people. 

I heartily recommend Celia James. She has a great eye for colour and is intensely practical. My builder, a qualified surveyor, worked directly from her plans, and regularly sought her advice. She was a delight to work with, and, importantly, set out what she would do, and did it. She is a real pro, and her ability to think outside the box gave me a beautiful bedroom and hall. I am very happy with the results. Having instructed other interior designers on both sides of the Atlantic, Celia is definitely the best of the lot.

Ms. J. Farmiloe
Project Date: January 2012
Project Price: £10,000 – £49,999
Celia is an extremely thoughtful and meticulous designer. Her attention to detail gives complete confidence that she will get the job done to the highest standard. 

I'm always impressed with how she overcomes obstacles with a practical and creative approach. Her work clearly demonstrates her depth of experience and the fantastic team she has built up around her with quality and reliable tradespeople. 

Celia doesn't cut corners and insists on finishes to be immaculate which is rare these days. She is able to execute technical drawings which is also a rarity is and has been invaluable on plethora occasions.

Mrs S Carr
Project Date: April 2013
Project Price: £10,000 – £49,999
Celia James has designed rooms in our house, bathrooms and kitchen, and advised us regarding decor in others. Her flair, imagination, product knowledge and ability to listen to our requirements and work within our budge has enabled us to achieve a beautiful home.

Mrs C M K Johnston
Project Date: October 2010
Project Price: > than £100,000
Celia James refurbished my home in Wimbledon Village. It was a nine months labour that was completed on schedule and within budget. Her input involved some structural work, dealing with the utility providers to bring in new mains supplies, designing the lighting, staircase, large kitchen, utility room, two bathrooms, decorating inside and out as well as soft furnishings and garden landscaping. 

Celia is very creative and she brought great style and colour to the house. She is also meticulous in her planning and project management.

Project Date: March 2015
Project Price: £1,000 – £9,999
I was so happy with the results of the last job I hired Celia for, I enlisted her to help with my new apartment. Again not disappointed, very helpful in establishing the brief and highly professional in executing it. Highly recommended.

Mrs. Y Goldman
Project Date: January 2015
Project Price: > than £100,000
My husband and I built a house in Canada whilst living in England and I needed a professional to plan, draw and specify 5 bathrooms and an open-plan kitchen. 
Celia did a fantastic job, with duplicate plans, full specification, all available in Canada and easily translated to plumbers in Canada. 
We had no problems or queries as everything had been fully researched and everything was built exactly as I had wanted and Celia had planned. 
I would always use Celia as she is highly professional and incredibly down to earth and listens to the brief but is happy to give suggestions when she feels it's needed. 
I have hired Celia again for a second consultation regarding a house we are refurbishing in London. Her advice re the design of the kitchen, a lighting consultation and honest advice regarding various other problems has been invaluable and eased the potential problems between architect's advice, not always practical and common sense. Her sense of what is possible and sensible has made it much easier to take decisions and I value her advice greatly.

J. Morton
Project Date: September 2006
Project Price: £10,000 – £49,999
Celia was asked to provide a design for decorating, fully furnishing and dressing a City of London apartment for a busy male professional and, in due course, commissioned to implement the solution. This was completed on time and within budget. The difference with Celia for me, was that I had full confidence in a successful outcome.