There's more to planning a kitchen than a computer programme accounts for

So you’re going to take the plunge and get yourself a new kitchen.  The kitchen company offers a free design service so you’re all set to go.  But are you?  Over the decades l'vehave been working as an interior designer l’ve seen some basic mistakes in kitchen layouts, mainly because the computer programmes are designed to fit the most cabinets, or a specific combination of cabinets, into a space.

A computer doesn’t take into account what will happen when someone is using the fridge which is situated so its door opens across the entrance to the kitchen, nor does it consider the distance the chef will have to walk carrying his roast from the eye level oven to the nearest countertop.  A computer doesn’t consider where the best natural light is, nor the type of food its user cooks.   

Over the years l have planned and project managed many kitchen refits.  Spend a couple of hours with me at a Pimp Your Home workshop and l will help you achieve the best possible layout for your kitchen cabinets and appliances and save you from making costly and disappointing mistakes.