Lighting explained

There are 3 types:

  • Ambient lighting – the type that is used to achieve all around light.  Today this is often achieved by peppering the ceiling with too many recessed down lights, arranged without much consideration as to what they will light but rather what geometric pattern they will display in the ceiling.

  • Task lighting does just that - lights an area to enable a task to be carried out.  For example kitchen under cabinet lights, desk and floor-standing reading lamps. 

  • Accent or mood lighting - this is the type of lighting that provides atmosphere to a room.  Examples are: table lamps to light gloomy corners and low slung lamps over a dining table.    In the example below candles have been added to provide another dimension of mood lighting.


Dining table with light .jpg

Here is an example where layered lighting has achieved a beautiful space, and there’s not a recessed spotlight in sight. 

well light space, not a downlight in sight.jpg